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Stone Bark Decorative Ground Cover

Stone Bark decorative ground cover is a all natural stone product made out of shale stone. Extremely lightweight for easy application. The stone bark will not detoriate and not fade in color. Check out more fast facts below.

stone bark decorative stone ground cover

  • Decorative Stone Size: Large and Small
  • Decorative Stone Color: Brown multi color.
  • Shipping and Lead Time: 24 ton lead loads. Direct ship dumped at jobsite or yard. 1 to 2 weeks lead time.

Coverage area for Stone Bark

  • 47 lbs / cubic foot
  • 1,250 lbs / cubic yard will yield .625 tons.
  • One ton of stone bark will yield 1.6 cubic yards.
  • One stone bark truckload will yield approximately 36 plus yards of material.

Stone Bark Decorative Stone Ground Cover Fast Facts


  • Will not blow away or wash away under normal weather conditions
  • Stone bark's cellular structure gathers and retains moisture
  • The decorative stone's lightweight structure produces more volume per square yard. 47 lbs / cubic foot.
  • The stone bark ground cover will be free of insects, disease, weed seeds, and soil borne pests
  • Stone Bark is very low maintenance cost
  • Apply the stone once in your landscape beds and you do not have to reapply every year like mulch.